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The Eagles postponed four Ohio and Indiana performances Tuesday because of the illness of singer Glenn Frey. John Mellencamp and Roger Daltrey canceled tours in recent weeks because of a heart condition and respiratory problems, respectively.

For these aging rockers, the spirit may be willing, but the bodies sometimes are not.The performers' declining health might be more closely related to their lifestyles than their advancing ages, according to Dr. Paul Brammer, a fellow of the Amer-i-can Academy of Family Phys-i-cians, who practices in Cen-ter-ville, Ohio. "If they smoke anything - cigarettes, hashish - there's a greater risk of a problem developing at an earlier age," Bram-mer said.

Family medical history can also determine a person's longevity, but without knowing the singers' personal backgrounds, Brammer suspects their personal habits may have adversely affected their health. "Everybody that's 40 or 50 doesn't start to fall apart, normally," he said.

The Eagles' concerts scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday at Indianapolis' Deer Creek Music Center, and Friday and Saturday at Cincinnati's Riverbend Music Center, were put on hold because of Frey's undisclosed illness.

The Eagles canceled several additional performances in recent weeks because Frey, 45, was suffering from stomach problems, according to Bryn Bridenthal, a spokeswoman for Geffen Records, the band's label.

A spokesman for Scoop Marketing, the Eagles' tour publicist, declined to comment on Frey's med-ical condition and said an official statement would be issued.

Mellencamp, 42, who performed an uncharacteristically lackluster concert at Riverbend on Sept. 1, was diagnosed Sept. 7 with a hardening or blocking of an artery of the heart during a checkup for unusual fatigue. Mellencamp's doctors advised him to cancel all scheduled appearances.

Daltrey, 50, was ordered Sept. 13 to take a three-week break from performing after undergoing tests for a respiratory ailment.

On the other hand, the Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger, 52, appeared as fit as a teenager during his band's performance Aug. 30 at Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium. Jagger travels with a personal trainer and exercises daily while on tour, according to a Stones' spokeswoman. The band's personal cooks also prepare a menu of healthy, low-fat meals, said tour caterer Leah Robinson.

"People who tend to exercise regularly seem to do better in the long term," Brammer said.