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When I was a small boy, I threw a temper tantrum and lay on the floor screaming and kicking. This prompted my father to take off his belt and apply several lashes to my behind. This wasn't the result that I expected. I promptly learned that this was not an accepted behavior. I immediately ceased and didn't try that action again. He didn't consult a psychologist, nor did he put me on probation.

Why can't we initiate caning as a preventive action for acts of violence or repeated criminal activities?It is said that it is a "cruel and unusual punishment." Are we saying that an act of violence against an innocent victim isn't cruel and unusual, although it seems to be getting quite common? A prompt caning may deter these criminal activities if it is applied promptly in addition to jail time or probation where effective. It worked on me, and I'm sure many other adults would verify that it was effective in their cases.

David E. Fullmer

Salt Lake City