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The number of women faculty in the Utah system of higher education has gone up about 9 percent in the past 10 years, bringing Utah slightly below the national percentage.

A report presented to the Utah State Board of Regents Friday indicated that in 1983-84 women comprised 20.37 percent of the total faculty in the state's nine publicly funded colleges and uni-versities. In 1993-94, that percentage increased to 29.38 percent.On a national level, women hold 30.7 percent of the faculty spots.

The numerical gain is even brighter for females here - Utah gained 336 positions in the past 10 years, while male faculty increased by 86 during that time.

Women also did well in terms of the types of jobs they now hold in higher education. Women now com-prise more than 11 percent of faculty holding the professorial rank and 30 percent of those holding associate professor rank.

Women also are increasingly filling administrative positions. Data was collected only for the past four years, because as study author Lou Jean Flint said, a decade-long review would not produce accurate numbers because there was a period of budget cuts and realignments.

During the past four years, the system has hired 236 administrators, with 84 positions filled by women and 152 by men.

However, the women haven't done so well as far as salaries are concerned.

"Differences in average salaries between male and female faculty in the USHE (Utah System of Higher Education) continue to persist, just as they do nationally," a preface to the report said. "Salary averages, however, do not take into consideration important factors such as time in rank, discipline differences, nor market value differences, and therefore, do not adequately address the question of salary equity."

For example, a table showing average salaries for people working nine-month calendars showed a University of Utah male professor earned $62,629 while a female professor earned $51,161.

At Utah State University, the same average salaries showed a male professor earning $48,402 while a female earned $41,435.