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The No. 1 ranked Miners stand alone as the only unbeaten 5A team in the state, but it didn't come easy.

"It's always been a close game when these two schools meet. We knew we were in for a tough game," commented Bingham coach Sonny Sudbury after the Miners' 14-9 win over rival Hunter (2-3, 0-2).The game started ugly, looking like an upset in the making. The Wolverines' Danny Castro stripped the ball, more adequately described as picking the receiver's pocket, and returned it to the Miner 25. Hunter had to settle for a John Jex field goal for an early 3-0 lead.

Charlie Peterson put the Miners on the board after the defense forced the Wolverines to go 3 and out with a 4 yard sneak up the middle at the end of the first quarter.

After exchanging punts Bingham drove down to the Hunter 1 yard line. Fullback Collin Dean then plunged into the left side and let the bigger Miner line pound the ball into the endzone for a 14-3 lead.

The Hunter offense controlled the second half, holding onto the ball for all but 5 minutes. Castro drew the Wolverines closer on a controversial 21 yard run. The controversy was an interesting 12-man blocking scheme run by the Hunter offense. The referees didn't catch the tactical advantage and Bingham found itself clinging to a 14-9 lead.

The Hunter defense gave the offense two more chances to take the lead. The first drive was stopped 6 inches short on fourth down at the Bingham 33. The other came as Hunter drove to the Bingham 29 with 3 minutes left. On third down, Bingham's Jeremy Sorenson (12 tackles) did his best Kyle Morrell impersonation by jumping over the Hunter line and tackling Castro before he could even turn to hand the ball off.