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The majority of the most popular movies are full of violence and destruction. When you turn on the TV, violence is on every station. I think that people in society really enjoy seeing violence from a distance. As long as they personally aren't harmed by violence, they are completely happy to sit back and watch. As a student of Olympus High School, I notice that at school any destructive act attracts a lot of attention. People like to see and hear violence.

In many popular video games, in order to win, you must totally destroy and kill someone. Young children spend hours playing these games every day. What kind of behavior can we expect when they think in these violent ways? These kids will condone violence when they are taught that in order to win they must harm and take advantage of others.We can easily become desensitized to violence and find it acceptable. If we intend to make our society less violent, we need to stop promoting violence. How can a society prosper when violence has so much control? If we want our society to be a safer and a better place to live in, we need to oppress violence and not praise it by supporting it.

Merrit Neff

Salt Lake City