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Utah Valley State College has another record enrollment - this time topping 13,000 students - for the 1994 fall semester.

The official head count is 13,291, compared to 10,510 in the fall of 1993, a 26.5 increase or 2,781 students over last year.That number includes students still in high school and at distance learning sites who don't actually walk on campus, said Joseph Curtin, who helps compile the numbers. In the past, only students who attended classes or were enrolled in paid tuition courses were included in the count.

But 11,471 of the students are on campus, and college officials are clearly excited with the totals.

"We have experienced tremendous growth and are above our target," said Kerry D. Romesburg, Utah Valley State College president.

The full-time equivalent is 8,456, for an increase over 1993's fall semester of 1,275 students or 17.8 percent.

High school concurrent enrollments account for 1,880 of the total head count or 683 students of the full-time equivalent.