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A Vatican report denounces advertisers for pushing a debased image of women, condemns the media and public opinion for tolerating pornography and urges salaries for housewives.

Excerpts from the Vatican's "Dignity of the Woman," prepared for the U.N. conference on women next September in Beijing, were published in Italian papers.The document urges women's involvement in politics to strengthen "ties between political and private life."

Under the chapter "Violence," the Vatican report says: "Violence against women is carried out on a physical, sexual, moral and psychological level."

It criticized "the image that the mass media and advertising industry (with commercials, slogans, nudes) offer of women."

"Forms of advertising that use woman as an object to promote products are found closely tied to pornography," it said.

The Vatican suggested that housewives be paid sufficient salaries so the "mother in a family would not be forced to work outside the house to the detriment of family life, and in particular the upbringing of children."