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Salt Lake County Commissioner Jim Bradley has neglected the citizens' needs. As chairman of the Board of Equalization, he was well informed of the property reappraisal options. He should have been at the Legislature lobbying any of the 19 bills that were proposed during this last session addressing this problem, but he was not.

He should be resolving the jail site location, but he is not. Meanwhile, hardened criminals are returned to the streets and jeopardize our safety. He should have been at the Legislature and in Washington, D.C., to meet our needs, but he was not.Where was he when the citizens voted against the light rail? Obviously out to lunch because he continues to push for light rail and a tax to sustain it.

Bradley relies on his staff to do his job; however, we did not elect his staff. We need and deserve a commissioner who serves us and does it full time.

Richard Horak