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I very much appreciated the warm hospitality extended to me by Utahns on my most recent trip to the Beehive State to campaign for Enid Waldholtz. I've visited on many occasions, having family and other ties to the state, and the courtesy is always unequalled.

I was therefore surprised to read your article that Enid missed a debate to "entertain" me. I was a guest speaker at a series of "town hall" meetings with her and numerous local citizens. Had your writer covered those, I'm sure he would have realized this was a series of working activities, not "entertainment."As a former news reporter, I'm quite aware of how a simple but misleading word can be used to leave a wrong impression. This was campaign work, meeting with people and discussing issues, but not entertainment.

I understand there are 19 debates scheduled and confirmed with all three candidates in this race; it's too bad that some want to criticize Enid because she couldn't fit in a 20th debate. Enid is strong and solid on the issues important to all Americans; perhaps that's why some want to distract attention from those issues.

Ernest Istook

Member of Congress

Oklahoma 5th District