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The parents of children who were unexpectedly left with a teenage baby sitter for two weeks were arrested Monday on charges of reckless endangerment.

Bonnie Railing and James Fignar surrendered shortly after attending a custody hearing in which a judge decided to keep the four children in foster care for now.Police said Railing and Fignar left the children - ages 10, 9, 3 and 2 - on Sept. 7 with 14-year-old Angela Morris, who expected to care for them for three days. The couple said Fignar had found work in New Jersey installing tile.

When the couple failed to return, Angela persuaded another 14-year-old girl, and three young men to baby-sit in shifts.

The five kept the situation hidden for two weeks so the children wouldn't be split up into foster homes, but they finally ran out of money. They called adults who spent $180 on food and called police, who found the house filled with garbage, human waste, dirty clothes and filthy mattresses.