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PRESSING ON: The United States and North Korea on Sunday pressed on with talks to thrash out a settlement over Pyongyang's nuclear activities despite threats from North Korea to withdraw because of American naval exercises off its shores. U.S. and North Korean officials met for a third day of negotiations in Geneva, hours after Pyongyang's communist government denounced Washington for what it called "undisguised military provocations." A North Korean official told Reuters the talks were continuing normally but the Pyongyang delegation had voiced its concern over the naval exercise to the Americans at the start of the session.RACISM BAN: Swiss voters Sunday approved a government plan to introduce a law against racism. Final results from the 26 cantons and half-cantons showed 1,132,326 voters or 54.6 percent of the total said "Yes" to the law, while 939,738 or 45.4 percent said "No." Just over 45 percent of those entitled to vote turned out. There were strong regional differences. Rural areas tended to vote against the law while towns were more heavily in favor. The law is based on a 1965 United Nations convention on racial discrimination already ratified by 137 countries.

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YELTSIN ARRIVES: Russian President Boris Yeltsin began a five-day swing through the United States on Sunday - a trip he hopes will encourage American investment in his country's struggling economy. Yeltsin is scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, then head to Washington for two days of meetings with President Clinton. The Russian president arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport late Sunday afternoon. Speaking in Russian, he told reporters he was preparing for a wide-ranging but difficult agenda with Clinton and hoped to make progress "step-in-step together."

CYCLISTS CLASH: A clash between the rival Hells Angels and Outlaws motorcycle gangs at a drag race Sunday in Lancaster, N.Y., erupted in gunfire and knife fights. Two people were killed and at least four others injured. Police had little information about the fight and were interviewing reluctant bikers, said Lancaster Police Chief Thomas Fowler. The battle broke out before a morning drag race sponsored by a motorcycle group at the Lancaster Speedway outside Buffalo.