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Six-year-old Samuel Desyr just wanted to get a close look at the U.S. military helicopters.

But when the choppers bringing in additional troops set down on a soccer field in the capital, the boy was knocked over and trampled by an enthusiastic crowd rushing to greet the soldiers.The incident, which delayed a planned American foot patrol through a southern section of the capital, could serve as a metaphor for the deepening U.S. involvement in Haiti.

Two soldiers ran in and pulled the bleeding, shirtless boy out of the surging crowd.

Still conscious and bleeding from his head, the child cried out for his father as medics treated wounds to the boy's head and leg. Magenta smoke swirled around the field, marking the emergency landing zone.

The crowd cheered as medics cleaned the mud out of the boy's eyes, bandaged his wounds as best they could and gave him water to drink.

A Creole-speaking translator talked with the boy and found out where he lived. Soldiers were sent to retrieve the child's parents.

Samuel looked relieved a few minutes later when his mother and father arrived.

And everybody was pleased when the helicopter took him to the U.S. hospital ship docked in Port-au-Prince for further medical treatment.

Word on the boy's condition was not immediately available.