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The Baltimore Orioles have been denied permission to talk to Oakland Athletics manager Tony La Russa about a job, according to a published report.

Several other clubs are reportedly interested in La Russa, whose current contract with Oakland expires Oct. 2. If his contract expires, all teams can contact him without permission from the A's.But the Orioles have been turned down from talking to La Russa now, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Orioles manager Johnny Oates, meanwhile, said he has not heard anything from the team about his future.

"Mr. Angelos has never said to me `John, you are not coming back,"' Oates said. "I'm planning on coming back until he calls me in and says `John, you are not coming back.' Hopefully, that won't happen."

"I'm a human being," Oates said. "We all like some kind of security. We like to rush things, but sometimes patience can be very rewarding. I understand I am only one pawn in this great big industry that has a lot of other things going on."