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A new road may provide additional access to and from the Southern Utah Fuel Co. mine about 20 miles east of Salina.

Approval for an outlet route that would provide more direct access with Emery County east of the mine has been approved by the Sevier County Commission, providing costs are borne by SUFCO. The only existing road connects with I-70 in Salina Canyon.The company will now join in a feasibility study with federal officials relative to building nine miles of road, it was announced. Engineers believe the road would allow the company to expand its Eastern U.S. operations, creating jobs.

In another road matter before the County Commission, a group of residents who live in the unincorporated community of Venice learned they will get only part of the road improvements they requested. But that may solve a problem of concern.

A petition with 13 signatures was presented to commissioners, urging them to pave the road from Fourth Street south in the unincorporated community. They complained of dust because of frequent vehicle use of the street.

Commissioners responded that funds were not available for paving but promised a new gravel project, believing that would alleviate the problem.

Yet another road matter of concern faced commissioners, who agreed to work out a solution to a complaint voiced by the Central Valley Water Board. Board members requested a new water shutoff valve be installed in a road right of way because the existing one was covered by an asphalt project.

Board members said the valve and a vertical pipe would cost less than digging around the valve and installing a cover. They volunteered to pay for the installation if the county would foot the bill for costs of materials. Commissioners agreed to work out a solution.