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Provo will receive a $1 million federal grant to help fund environmental projects needed to extend the runway at the city's airport, Rep. Bill Orton, D-Utah, announced Monday.

He said the money will help Provo acquire 86 acres needed to replace land it bought from the Utah Lake State Park for the expansion, and to build 55 new camp sites for the park.Orton said Provo will also be able to use $50,000 of the grant to assist the June Sucker Restoration Project administered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service because the construction might impact that endangered fish.

Orton added that the grant will also help Provo construct wetlands on a 145-acre site to replace those affected by the runway construction.

"With these funds, the city will be able to move forward in modernizing the airport," Orton said.

"Federal laws and regulations on the environment can certainly be complex and burdensome when planning a project like this. . . . At least in this instance the federal government is willing to come forward and help," he said.