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I respectfully disagree with the assertion that Karen Shepherd embodies a "total lack of ethics . . . and unconscionable politics as usual" made by Craig Livingston (Forum, Sept. 9). His statement couldn't be further from the truth.

He states that Shepherd's "voting record indicates a strict allegiance to Clinton . . . and her party." Shepherd has only sided with the president and her party 79 percent of the time, voting for more spending cuts than the rest of the House. Contrary to the wishes of the Democratic leadership, Shepherd supported the balanced budget amendment.Livingston claims that on June 30, 1993, Shepherd opposed the Hyde Amendment because she supports tax-funded abortions. He should really spend some time studying the Hyde Amendment - it outlaws any form of abortion even in the case of rape, incest and life of the mother and that is precisely why Shepherd opposed it.

Livingston verbally throws daggers at the congresswoman for "campaigning on the fact that she would opposed any tax increase," and then voting for the Clinton budget, which according to Livingston was the "largest tax increase in American history." I suppose Livingston is counting on the fact that Americans have forgotten that the largest tax increase was the Reagan-Dole budget of the early 1980s that shifted the tax burden to the middle class.

She made the right choice by asking the wealthiest 1.2 percent of Americans to pay their fair share and reduce the deficit. I am grateful that she allowed 80,000 Utah families to claim the EITC and brought $200 million to our classrooms with the Utah Trust Lands Bill. I commend her for not backing down under the pressure of right-wingers that gave us trickledown economics and an obscene deficit.

Teneille Brown

Salt Lake City