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I am responding to an editorial on Monday, Sept. 12, titled, "Get tough on violent video games." The editorial stated that although Congress has pushed the makers of video games to rate their products according to the violence shown, the industry has apparently chosen to ignore the pressure.

I am disgusted by the irresponsibility shown by the gamemakers as well as the whole industry. The gamemakers have not only ignored Congress' warning but have produced even more violent games. I agree that something needs to be done about the violent examples children are receiving these days, especially by the video game industry. The rating system introduced by Congress is the best idea I have heard about so far to help stop the idea kids get that violence and brutality are OK.I know that pediatric experts advise parents to remember that the most productive activities for children are those that challenge the child's creativity. It is obvious to see that extremely violent video games do just the opposite.

As a 16-year-old big sister, I have seen the effects violent video games can play on my 7-year-old brother. Even as a mature young adult, I am shocked by the coarseness portrayed in video games shown to small, inexperienced children.

Stephanie Hash

Salt Lake City