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This is in answer to "Don't waste your vote on Cook," by Wayne Hansen (Forum, Sept. 14).

Don't Americans know that most of our national debt, a host of laws attacking the Constitution and taking away our freedoms and the creation of a massive regulatory bureaucracy have been our legacy from the past 20 years of Republican and Democratic politicians? Regardless of which political party is in power, the results seem to be the same. The "king of the hill mentality" which awards all committee positions to one party, not based on competence, but on longevity, makes both parties look the same.Why would anyone vote for either a Democrat or a Republican?

Enid Greene Waldholtz seems to be saying in her campaign that she wants to buy your vote for $500 per child; plus the rest of the Republican Party line.

Rep. Karen Shepherd seems to be trying to become an independent of some kind, but it's too late - she has already demonstrated her commitment to President Clinton by increasing our taxes, voting to attack the Constitution with the crime bill and supporting the dictatorship of the president (solve the dictators of Haiti by being a dictator).

At least Merrill Cook couldn't do any worse than either of them, and he might just be more interested in America and the people than in a political party.

A. Peter Crane