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The federal government continues to commandeer state funds, consume large portions of these funds in the bureaucracy and then take credit for parceling a fraction of it back to the states.

The alarming issue is that we in Utah have one elected representative, Karen Shepherd, who enthusiastically encourages this piracy. Even in the face of overwhelming Utah opposition, she defiantly continues to support the Clinton agenda.We need Enid Greene Waldholtz in the House of Representatives before the next pork and piracy vote. I have had the opportunity to personally question Waldholtz, who revealed that she's firmly for smaller government, less federal meddling and reducing taxes instead of finding every excuse to raise them.

One billion dollars will be removed from Utah's economy because Congress passed the largest peacetime tax increase in history. If memory serves, it passed by only two votes in the House. If just one representative had voted against it, there would have been a tie and no passage. Every member of the Utah delegation, House and Senate, voted against this tax-and-spend bill, except one.

Just recently, Congress passed a $30 billion pork-laden social program masquerading as a crime bill, again pirating taxes from the state and then benevolently allotting some of our own money back to us. Utah will bear a net loss on this bill. All members of the Utah delegation knew it would be very expensive and do little, if any, real crime fighting. They all voted against it, except one.

In a neighborhood meeting, Waldholtz was asked how she would have voted. She would have voted against the bill in its present form. She is firmly behind crime-reduction measures, but the "crime bill" addressed few real crime fighting issues (as we are now discovering since many news agencies are finally reporting its worthless, and expensive, nature).

Shepherd seems to believe that citizens of the United States are indentured servants who must be dominated, for their own good, by elite government officials. Waldholtz is someone who believes government is for the people and government officials are servants of the people, not the other way around.

To muddy the waters, there is a third candidate. Please don't be deceived. Merrill Cook cannot win. A vote here will limply turn into another vote for the Shepherd/Clinton agenda.

Nolan Burton

South Jordan