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I am writing in response to an article titled "Foley says time has run out to revamp welfare this year." This article dealt with the proposed welfare reforms and the government's delayed reaction.

It is my opinion that the well-being of the American people and the attention to their problems should be foremost on the government's agenda.The article stated reasons for delay as being fall campaigns and stalling on the part of Democratic officials. This fact was disturbing to me. How can our government expect to run the country if it is too caught up in elections to solve its problems? I think that we have a wonderful system of government, but I am worried about its effectiveness. I believe that the officials should focus on solving America's problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The nearly four months remaining in 1994 should be plenty of time for our government to solve the welfare problem and work through numerous other ones. I personally would love to see our government work through an important issue in less than six months.

Lisa Miller

Salt Lake City