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The Consumer Information Center in Pueblo, Colo., has low-cost or free consumer pamphlets that cover a variety of subjects.

For instance, what can you do to help maintain your cholesterol level at a healthy level?First, you can read labels. New food labels provide valuable information on the amount of fat, cholesterol and the number of calories in each serving.

Second, you can eat foods that are lower in fat, especially saturated fat.

Third, watch the amount of cholesterol you eat. Foods such as egg yolks, red meat and whole milk are high in cholesterol.

Fourth, substitute low-fat, low-cholesterol alternatives. Drink skim milk instead of whole milk. Use egg whites without the yolks in recipes and try frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.

For more information about eating right, send for the pamphlets "Eating for Life" (item 116A, $1); "Eating to Lower Your High Blood Cholesterol" (item 117A, $2); "The Food Guide Pyramid" (item 119A, $1); and "How to Read the New Food Label" (item 522A, free).

Or, how do you prepare your car for winter?

Make sure all fluids are filled to the recommended level - oil, antifreeze, windshield washer, transmission fluid, etc.

Remove corrosion from your battery terminals and connections with a wire brush.

You'll be using your windshield wipers a lot so make sure the blades are in good shape. If they're hard, cracked or worn, buy a new pair.

Inspect your tires for tread wear or damage and check their air pressure. Proper inflation improves gas mileage and increases traction and stability.

For more information on car maintenance, send for "Glove Box Tips" (item 398A, 50 cents). This is a set of five pamphlets on vehicle maintenance. "Your Car and the Environment" (item 505A, free) explains how caring for your vehicle and disposing of its fluids and parts can affect our air, water, land and ozone layer.