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Looking for easy home projects that have quick satisfaction payoffs?

Homeowners can take the drudgery out of fixing squeaky floors, easing a stuck window and repairing a leaky roof with "The Family Handyman Easy Repair," a new Reader's Digest book. And they can take satisfaction in making a sandbox, an Adirondack chair or a patio by following step-by-step instructions in "The Family Handyman Outdoor Projects."These books ($19.95 each) kick off a series published by Reader's Digest and based on articles from the Family Handyman, a magazine for do-it-yourselfers read by more than 3 million monthly. Future books in the series include "Weekend Improvements" and "Woodworking Projects for the Whole House."

"The Family Handyman Easy Repair" has more than 100 simple solutions to the most common household problems; "The Family Handyman Outdoor Projects" reveals great ways to make the most of outdoor living space.

How-to information featured in these books includes:

- Step-by-step instructions illustrated with clear, colorful, how-to pictures.

- A hardcover, oblong format preferred for ease of use and durability.

- Simple language understood by all skill levels.

- Handy hints and safety tips, list of supplies needed for each job and glossary of terms.

- "The Family Handyman Easy Repair" provides the know-how to make simple repairs. The homeowner doesn't have to be a professional or particularly mechanically minded to succeed in solving the most common household problems. All the do-it-yourselfer has to do is supply the tools and the effort.

Step-by-step procedures will guide homeowners through quick, correct repairs that will save time and money - such as patching drywall, fixing window cranks, adding outlets, replacing shingles and power-washing a house exterior. All information is based on jobs accomplished by master electricians and plumbers, journeymen carpenters and nationally recognized safety experts. It is presented in walk-through, simple-language steps.

No home ever reaches the status of "no repair."

Have squeaky floors? Learn how to silence them in the chapter on floors, walls and ceilings.

Need to tune up a patio door or fix a broken screen? The answers are found in the chapter on doors and windows.

Anxious to cure a drippy shower or fix a faucet? See the chapter on plumbing.

Have problems with tile and tub, roof and eaves, furniture and home safety? The answers are only pages away.

- "The Family Handyman Outdoor Projects" book focuses on projects built and tested by the magazine staff and readers. All procedures are streamlined so that more time can be spent enjoying the results. Homeowners can roll up their sleeves, put on some sunscreen and have fun building a mission loveseat, a chair, a table, a barbecue grill table, a timber retaining wall and more.

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