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Democratic Rep. Karen Shepherd received a high rating from three national environmental groups for protecting the environment.

The Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters both endorsed Shepherd. The two groups, along with the National Wildlife Federation, gave Shepherd 100 percent ratings on her voting record after evaluating her stand on mining and grazing reform, wetlands protection and hazardous waste cleanup.Shepherd, who is a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, said the endorsements are in keeping with her support of the federal Clean Water Act and the Superfund hazardous waste cleanup law.

She also has been a critic of the military's plans to test fire missiles over the state's Canyonlands area, fearing debris from the weapons could pollute the pristine region.

"Residents in the New West believe that economic development must proceed with responsible environmental protection," Shepherd said. "I've tried to support policies that achieve this goal."