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Basketball player Bobby Hurley says he remembers only "bits and pieces" of the collision that almost killed him last December, and he blames the other motorist for the crash, he told a seven-woman, five-man jury on Wednesday.

Hurley, a point guard for the Sacramento Kings, testified he saw no traffic when he pulled onto a dark road near Arco Arena after a basketball game last Dec. 12.Daniel Wieland's station wagon was traveling at about 55 mph when Hurley's four-wheel drive vehicle turned into Wieland's path, attorneys said.

Wieland, 38, is charged with reckless driving causing injury. He could face up to six months in jail if convicted of the misdemeanor. Police claimed Wieland was driving without headlights.

Hurley, 23, was not wearing a seat belt. He was thrown into a filled drainage ditch and suffered severe injuries to his lungs, ribs, and back. He was pulled out of the water by other motorists.

Hurley said he initially did not fault Wieland for the accident, but his feelings have changed.

"I've gone through the most difficult thing in my life. My career was jeopardized," Hurley said. "Never once was there any kind of attempt to make an apology."