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Pat Donohue's latest album, "Two Hand Band," is aptly titled. When you listen to this remarkable guitarist, you are sure there must be dubs. But it's all one man and just one well-loved guitar.

For those who associate guitar music with oppressive basement bands, here's a lovely reprieve. Donohue is called a "finger-picker" in the guitar world - he uses nothing but his fingers on the strings. His music is American, spun from folk, jazz, soft rock, classic blues and country. And he'll be performing it live at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 30, in the Fine Arts Auditorium at the University of Utah, sponsored by the Intermountain Music Association.A regular on Garrison Keillor's "Prairie Home Companion," Donohue plays a versatile combination of his heroes, mixing and matching as he pleases. "I play Charlie Parker's bebop `Yardbird Suite,' " he says "but I try to approach it like Blind Blake - how he might have played a song like that." He loves Louis Armstrong, Chad Atkins and Fats Waller.

Even though Donohue learned music by ear, not by lessons, he says "the words `self-taught' don't imply all the people I watched. It was definitely osmosis.

"A guitar is fascinating. I'll never run out of things to learn on it," he says. "I just do the recordings so I can keep performing live. It gives me such a charge to see people respond."

Tickets are $9 in advance, $10 day of concert, with discounts for senior citizens and children. For more information, call the concert hotline at 468-7664.