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The actor Bronson Pinchot has been a serious collector since age 11, when he did chores for neighbors so he could buy first editions of the Oz books and posters of the "Wizard of Oz" movie.

Fifteen years later, when he became an instant celebrity by starring in the television comedy "Perfect Strangers," his tastes expanded."I began to heavily collect original letters and first editions of Victor Hugo and Charles Dickens because I formed an attachment to those two dudes," said Pinchot, 35.

He also discovered a passion for antiquity. "With my new-found wealth, I spent a lot of time in Greece, collecting neoclassical architectural fragments and sculpture," he said. "Then came the quadruple whammy - riots, fire, earthquake and mudslides."

Though his house on the Southern California coast survived intact, he began to worry about his possessions.

"I realized that since I am really into classical sculpture, why not pass everything else on to somebody in New York or Vienna and just live with my hunks of stone?" he said. "If there is another fire, I don't need to worry about priceless Dickens letters going up in flames."

Sotheby's is conducting a series of auctions of his treasures, starting Saturday.