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I am shocked and dismayed by the amount of graffiti that I see all over our city and especially by the fact that private property is not immune to such vandalism. My aunt has a large wooden fence that surrounds her house that was attacked by graffiti. Not only did it cost hundreds of dollars to clean it up, but her family and neighbors no longer feel safe in their own homes and have hired a guard to protect them from further vandalism.

Graffiti is the prerequisite to gang violence, and I feel that something must be done about it. This summer, my family and I traveled to New York and Washington, D.C., and I was appalled at the amount of graffiti in those cities. However, what I found most discouraging was the fact that the people don't make any effort to clean it up but, instead, just let it stay there and cause more problems.We need to do something about our graffiti problem in Salt Lake City before we get to the point where we no longer care about our city enough to make it a clean, safe environment. Graffiti is only the beginning of our problems, and if we can take care of it, then we will be better prepared to face other problems, and we may have even prevented more serious problems.

Courtney Thatcher

Salt Lake City