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The hunt for an 11-year-old boy wanted in a killing caused so much "police heat" that two fellow teenage gang members murdered him with two bullets in his head, police said.

Cragg Hardaway, 16, was charged Friday with first-degree murder as an adult and a 14-year-old was charged as a juvenile in the killing of the boy, police Cmdr. Earl Nevels said."Members of the gang felt that Robert Sandifer had brought a lot of police heat on the gang," Nevels said at a news conference.

Police searched for Robert after he allegedly killed a 14-year-old girl during a shooting spree Sunday. For days, gang members moved the boy - known as "Yum-my" for his love of cookies - from location to location to keep police from finding him, Nevels said.

Robert thought he was being sent out of town when his fellow gang members took him to a quiet railroad underpass and shot him about midnight Wednesday, Nev-els said.

Witnesses linked the two teenagers to the scene, and Nevels said one confessed and the other implicated himself in statements. Nev-els said Hardaway pulled the trig-ger.

Robert, an abused child and convicted felon, was found in a pool of blood Thursday morning.

Two gunshot wounds - one to the back of the head and one to the top - led police to suggest from the beginning that fellow gang members had killed him.