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When we did lunch with Bob Redford one day last week (along with a couple of hundred other members of Washington's media elite), he was just as nice as pie - yet it was hard to escape the feeling that he looks on journalists as resting one evolutionary rung above the potato bug.

For that reason, we want to be very clear that below we have provided you only the first sentence to the answers he gave to questions from the National Press Club floor.Q: When are you going to run for U.S. Senate?

A. "Never . . ."

Q. How do you think President Clinton's doing?

A. "Well, you'd have to ask him. . . ."

Q. What do you think about family values?

A. "I think they're great. . . ."

Q. Do you find it difficult to be a celebrity?

A. "Yeah, I do . . . "

Q. Did you kidnap the Lindbergh baby?

A. "Yeah, it was me."

Hold on, we're misreading our notes on that last one. Ah, here we are:

Q. Does the press tell the truth?

A. "Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't . . . "

Thanks, Bob, and best of luck with "Quiz Show."