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Mothers of two teen gang rivals who shot each other to death Sunday have joined in a plea to gang members to put down their guns.

Rose Davis and Tulaire Foreman held hands Thursday as they met in Davis' home five blocks from the grocery store parking lot where 17-year-old Torrie Lambrose and 16-year-old Teddy Davis killed each other."Just stop the violence now," Davis pleaded. "We the parents are hurting, suffering."

Davis and Foreman want to hold a truce banquet, hoping it will help gang members work out their problems - without guns.

"It has to be in peace," Davis said.

Gang truces after the Rodney King riots are credited with reducing the homicide rate in Los Angeles. The mothers hope the same can happen in Salt Lake City.

"Maybe it's a dream," Davis said. "But if we could just come together peacefully."