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Q & A

Q. Why do fleas make you itch?

A. When a flea bites a person, it can cause an allergic reaction in several ways. The flea's mouth is specially adapted to pierce the skin and suck the blood. That is an irritant in itself. But when the flea bites, it can deposit saliva or bodily wastes in or near the spot it bites. Sometimes the flea may even regurgitate into the bite. When you scratch the bite, it works the deposits even deeper into your skin. There are many types of fleas, and ont type causes bubonic plague, though that is extremely rare now. If you get a flea bite, you should wash the skin with mild soap and put ointment on it.

Q. What is the average age of a person getting married?

A. the median age that people marry goes up and down. For example, in 1900, men were getting married at age 26 and women at age 22. The the age began to drop. By 1955, men were about 22 1/2 years old, and women were 20 years old. The the median age of marriage started to climb again. By 1988, the last year included in a recent study, the median age of men was back up to 26, while women were 23 1/2 years old.