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YEMEN: At least 33 people have been killed in two days of street battles in Aden between rampaging Muslim fundamentalists and troops backed by armed residents, security sources reported Saturday. The violence is a major setback for President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is trying to rebuild a united Yemen following a two-month civil war.SPY: A top adviser to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl unknowingly provided information on military and other matters to an East German agent for more than 10 years, a news magazine reported Saturday. Waldemar Schreck-en-ber-ger, a state secretary and intelligence coordinator in the chancellery, met regularly with journalist Felix-Erik Laue, who is suspected of spying for former East Germany between 1979 and 1990, Der Spiegel said.

DISEASE: A potentially fatal intestinal disease that has spread throughout northeastern Cambodia cannot be treated because doctors are afraid they may become targets of Khmer Rouge guerrillas, an aid worker said Saturday. Maurits van Pelt of the international aid organization Doctors Without Borders said that despite requests from King Norodom Sihanouk, the guerrillas had failed to recognize the group's neutral status or guarantee the doctors' security.

CELEBRATION: Tens of thousands of Belgians, Americans, Britons and Canadians turned out across Belgium Saturday to mark the 50th anniversary of the country's liberation from German occupation. Military veterans who participated in the liberation, resistance fighters, politicians and military bands took part in dozens of ceremonies and parades throughout Belgium.

LAWSUIT: Lawyers for the Venezuelan-born terrorist known as Carlos the Jackal said Saturday they have filed a suit over what they allege was the "kidnapping" of their client by French counterintelligence agents in Sudan last month.

Across the nation

LIGHTNING: Lightning doesn't strike twice? Tell that to the Humphries family of Gastonia, N.C. Both Bobby Humphries and his son, Tony, have been struck by lightning. The senior Humphries had his shocking experience in 1951 when he was a boy - knocking him clear off a porch and blinding him for 24 hours. Tony Humphries, 35, joined the club Thursday, when a storm rolled in while he was painting a house and a lightning bolt struck him. "It wouldn't let go of me and I couldn't let go of it," he said. "I was burning inside. Man, it hurt. I mean it hurt bad."

PROBATION: A former police sergeant was sentenced to two years' probation on Friday for failing to stop two officers from beating a man to death with metal flashlights. Freddie Douglas was convicted of neglect of duty in the death of Malice Green, who was dragged from his car and beaten on a Detroit street in 1992 near a crack house.