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A member of the Holladay-Cottonwood Community Council has resigned, saying two Salt Lake County commissioners aren't concerned about the best interests of residents.

Citing decisions by commissioners to allow two controversial development projects, Raymond Cannefax said that the "impact of the community councils is minimal at best." In particular, he said, Commissioners Randy Horiuchi and Brent Overson don't represent citizens."(They) seemed to be controlled by the developers whose only interest is to maximize their return in their investments," Cannefax said in a letter of resignation. "There is only one commissioner, James Bradley, who truly has the best interest of citizens as his objective."

Cannefax cited the decisions of commissioners to allow Boyer Co. to develop a 60-lot subdivision near the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon and a recent approval of a Johansen Thackrey & Co. project. He said other community council members are contemplating resigning for similar reasons.

Cannefax said he served on the community council to assure logical growth.

"I have come to the conclusion that input from the community councils to the county governing body is either not wanted or viewed as standing in the way of developers," Cannefax said. "It has been said that Salt Lake County is a developer-controlled area. I have come to believe that statement to be correct."