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Paul Guy Bredehoft's guilty pleas to driving on a suspended license and without insurance and registration will ensure that jurors won't hear about his seven drunken-driving convictions.

Bredehoft, 39, is accused in the death of 17-year-old Sean Adkins, a Highland High School student who was struck by a car while waiting for help for a flat tire.Witnesses have testified at Bredehoft's trial in 3rd District Court that on March 1 he careened into the safety lane on I-15 near the I-80 junction in Salt Lake County.

They also said his car slammed into a parked station wagon and struck Adkins as he tried to dart out of the way. Authorities said Bredehoft's blood-alcohol content was 0.27 - nearly 31/2 times the legal limit.

The trial before Judge Glenn Iwasaki is expected to conclude Tuesday.

Before the trial began, Bre-de-hoft pleaded guilty to driving on a suspended license, driving without registration and operating a vehicle without insurance.

Proescutor Rod Ybarra said the pleas prohibit prosecutors from telling jurors about Bredehoft's record, which includes seven DUI convictions and a handful of arrests for drunken driving.