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Twenty one Utah inventors were awarded patents by the United States Patent Office for six mechanical, five chemical, and one electronic invention. Copies of patents are available by number for $3.00 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington D.C. 20231. Abstracts are available at the Marriott Library, University of Utah.

- George S. Taylor, and Harry Benedict, both of Salt Lake City. In double-pane insulated window sections, a method and apparatus for creating designs so that when the sections are assembled in a building, a large design pattern appears. Assigned to Big Unlimited, Salt Lake City. Filed Oct. 28, 1992, a continuation-in-part of application May 20, 1991. Patent 5,333,428.- Delbert Taylor, Salt Lake City. A collapsible inverse umbrella tent. Filed Oct. 30, 1992. Patent 5,333,634.

- Monte G. Nelson, American Fork. An illuminated siphon for use in removal of water, sediment and other contaminants from fuel tanks. Filed July 8, 1993, a continuation-in-part of application Dec. 4, 1992. Patent 5,333,639.

- Dennis E. Rich, West Jordan. Accumulator paddle apparatus for printed circuit panels. Filed June 28, 1993. Patent 5,333,723.

- Donald A. Wilson, Salt Lake City. A golf ball hitting and driving system comprising a mat with alignment stripes. Filed Dec. 7, 1992. Patent 5,333,875.

- Paul Strahl, Ogden, and Michael D. Frakes, Lake Angeles, Mich. Airbag cover retainer with wire retention feature and ground. Assigned to Morton International, Inc., Chicago, Ill., and Chrysler Corporation, Auburn Hills, Mich. Filed Dec. 4, 1992. Patent 5,333,900.

- Ronald L. Bruening, Spring-ville; Bryon J. Tarbet, Highland; Jerald S. Bradshaw, and Reed M. Izatt, both of Provo. A method for the concentration and removal of desired ions from solutions by using ligands bonded to inorganic supports. Assigned to Brigham Young University, Provo. Filed June 1, 1993, a continuation-in-part of application Oct. 10, 1990, and patent 5,244,856. Patent 5,334,316.

- William C. Norville, Park City. A composition for repairing and removing scratches from plastic surfaces. Assigned to Clearfix Corporation, New York, N.Y. Filed Oct. 19, 1992. Patent 5,334,335.

- Chris G. Faddis, West Valley City. In an ozone sterilization system, the spent agent flows through a catalytic converter and is mixed with ambient air into the atmosphere. Filed March 12, 1993. Patent 5,334,355.

- Robert E. Morrow, Salt Lake City. Electrically hydrolyzed salines as in vivo microbicides for treatment of cardiomyopathy and multiple sclerosis. Assigned to Medical Discoveries, Inc., Logan. Filed May 23, 1990. Patent 5,334,383.

- Minh Q. Hoang, Taylorsville, and Mohammed A. Khan, Sandy. A dry wipe comprising an absorbent paper substrate coated with an antimicrobial formulation. Assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Company, Franklin Lakes, N.J. Filed Sept. 15, 1993. Patent 5,334,388.

- Fred C. Thomas, Kaysville; James Bero; Robert Short, both of Ogden, and Paul R. Johnson, South Kaysville. Apparatus and method of verifying etching of optical-servo information on magnetic media. Assigned to Iomega Corporation, Roy. Filed June 10, 1992. Patent 5,334,849.

- Frederick M. Smith, Layton. Combined condiment holder and stirrer. Filed Feb. 11, 1993. Design patent 349,209.