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We are fortunate indeed that Ed Mayne is a candidate for Senate District 11. W.M. Hutchinson (Forum, Aug. 29) is seriously blind-sided to attack such an outstanding defender of the citizens, not only in his district, but the state.

Mayne has for years worked hard to get a decent wage for the working men and women in the state of Utah. He represented us on the White House Conference on Families because of his great concern for the welfare of children and all families. He sits on the Utah Legislative Gang Task Force and is committed and totally concerned about making our communities and neighborhoods safe from crime. He is concerned about fairness in taxes and affordable health care for all.The list of committees that Mayne has served on, without compensation, is lengthy and impressive. He has been active in his community and is someone who will represent Senate District 11 and the state of Utah very well.

Lynne Turner