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Utah will be celebrating 100 years as a state soon. This would be an ideal time to move the state out of the horse-and-buggy era by eliminating nine counties.

Realignment of counties could be accomplished by merging the nine counties with other counties. The new counties could be named in such a way so no county would lose its original identity.Four Wasatch Front counties govern about 1.4 million people. The nine counties in question - Daggett, Rich, Piute, Wayne, Beaver, Kane, Garfield, Morgan and Grand - govern about 33,000 people. The first four govern about 5,800 people. These four counties just exist. They are not effective.

This change would be a major event. It would shake up the people of Utah for the start of the second 100 years.

Some neighboring states of Utah have had their centennial celebration. What did they do? Publicized the event extensively to pull in some extra visitors, exploded some firecrackers, had some rodeos and other events, did some oratory - basically they did nothing of lasting historical importance.

Woodruff Alexander

St. George