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Dear Do-It Man: I have a special favor to ask you. Last year my son was killed in an auto accident between Salt Lake City and Wendover. He was only 12 years old at the time.

This has been hard for me and my family. We have purchased a special marker, made of granite, that we would like to place at the site of the accident. This marker is 18 by 36 inches and lies flat on the ground so it would not be a problem for traffic, etc.Where do I write for permission to place this marker next to the road?

- M.K., Salt Lake City

Dear M.K.: We're assuming the accident occurred on I-80. If that's the case, you should send your request to the director of Region 2 of the Utah Department of Transportation.

We telephoned you with the address.

If UDOT thought it was OK for you to place the marker alongside the road, your request would be forwarded to the local office of the Federal Highway Administration for its approval.

Be sure to specify exactly where along the road the accident occurred.

That will have some bearing on the matter.

For instance, if the soil is stable, you probably wouldn't have to lay it in a concrete base. But if it's on the Salt Flats, you'd probably have to use a concrete base, because the marker would settle without it.

Neither of the people we spoke to at UDOT and the Federal Highway Administration had heard of such a thing being done before. "We don't normally allow encroachments within the right-of-way but we'll give it our full consideration," said the spokesman for the Federal Highway Administration.