If tailgaters think that I'm the one who's rude because I'm driving the speed limit, then I need to ask them a few questions. When every lane of the freeway is crammed with cars, all going 40 mph, why do you still tailgate? Do you want everyone on the freeway to pull over and let you by?

What about those places where the off-ramp is on the left side of the freeway and I have to slow down in the left lane to exit - why do you still glare and gesture then? How about places such as where northbound I-15 connects with westbound I-80, after merging onto I-80 I'm automatically in the left lane, but you expect me to immediately go 65 mph. What about the times I'm going 55 in the right lane, but you still tailgate? When I'm on a road with no shoulder and need to slow down to pull into a driveway or parking lot, why do you honk and yell? Do you expect me to make the turn at 40 mph?When I have my signal on, indicating that I want to pull over and let you by, why do you and your fellow tailgaters keep passing me on the right, so I don't even have a chance to pull over? When an on-ramp is posted as 25 mph but I'm going 35, why do you still tailgate? Why do you treat a speed-limit sign as if it says "Go at least 55," when in reality it means "Go at most 55"? Do you really think driving like that will get you to work any faster? Why do you always think the other lane is faster than the one you're in? Why do you try forcing your rude driving habits on others?

Why do people like you turn left in front of oncoming traffic, when there's obviously not enough room, or turn left long after the light has turned red, forcing everyone to wait for you? (And you wonder why people have to slow down at green lights!) Why do you honk at me because I wait until it's safe before turning left? Why do you pass me on the right after a left turn, before I even get a chance to pull over and let you by? When a light turns green and I'm just starting from a complete stop, why do you pull right up behind me, tailgating and rolling your eyes? Do you expect me to go from 0 to 40 in the length of the intersection?

Most importantly, why do you enjoy putting other people's lives in danger? And don't try telling me that by driving safe and within the speed limit, I'm putting your life in danger.

Randy Farnsworth