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The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has named Kate Kitchell to head the Moab District, which manages 6.2 million acres of BLM land in southeastern Utah.

Kitchell is currently the manager of the BLM's San Juan Resource Area in Monticello. She is scheduled to take over the district office in October."Kate is just outstanding. She's bright, knowledgable and works well with people," said G. William Lamb, acting state director for the Utah office of the BLM.

A graduate of the University of New Hampshire and Utah State University, Kitchell began her public-lands career as a biological technician with the National Park Service. She then worked for the BLM in Colorado before accepting the Monticello post.

As manager of the BLM's Moab District, considered by many to be the most scenic BLM district in the country, Kitchell will be responsible for managing recreation, oil and gas development, protection of Native American cultural resources and of 34 wilderness study areas.