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Government action

Davis CountyAt its meeting Aug. 31, the Davis County Commission:

- Approved a quit claim deed to sell 622 square feet of property to North Salt Lake for $622. The city plans to build a well-monitoring station on the land, adjacent to the D&RGW railroad tracks.

- Approved a contract renewal with the state Health Department for the county WIC nutrition program. Of the $2.3 million in federal funds, $1.97 million is for food and $380,000 for administration.


In its Sept. 1 meeting, the City Council:

- Approved Beechwood Estates subdivision, Phase 5, final, 23 lots at 1500 E. 1950 North.

- Approved a parcel split by Albertsons Shopping Center at 980 N. Fairfield to allow two new stores north of the grocery store. One will be a video shop.

- Approved an amendment to Aspen Heights subdivision, Phases 7 and 8, 1475 Snow Creek Drive, to settle a boundary dispute among four lots.

- Approved a request for three new street names in Windsor Meadows subdivision, near 2800 W. Gordon Ave. Because numbers alone do not identify the curved streets well, 2825 West will be known as Sandi Street; 2875 West will be Jodi Street and 2925 West will be Lindi Street - all names of the developer's children.

- Tabled a contract award on traffic signals at four city locations to hopefully obtain lower bids.

- Approved a liquor license for Tony Roma's Restaurant, now under construction at 1508 N. 1000 West, northwest of the Layton Hills Mall.

- Amended the consolidated fee schedule by adding the new automated garbage collection fees ($12.70 a month) and $125 developer's fee for holding special planning commission meetings.

- Approved buying property at 253 W. Gordon Ave. for $63,000. This is the sixth of seven homes the city needs to purchase to widen Gordon Avenue.

- Appointed Debra Ledkins as the new mayor pro-tem. She will act as mayor whenever Mayor Jerry Stevenson is absent.

- Granted preliminary approval for the city to move ahead with a plan to have the Davis and Weber Canal Co. install secondary water in a large portion of the city. Canal officials will meet with the council to negotiate more specific prices and other details at its next work meeting on Sept. 15. Public hearings will also be held in the near future.