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Sevier County has a new non-emergency medical transportation service that, in addition to Richfield, has a dispatch center in Duchesne.

The Utah office headquarters for "Safe-Ride Services" is in Richfield. Steve Snow has been named regional manager. He is maintenance officer for the Sevier County Emergency Medical Services.Safe-Ride is a nationwide service with headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz. It provides service for people who can't get to a doctor on their own, who need routine visits to the hospital or nursing home or who need non-emergency transportation to obtain medical services in cities on the Wasatch Front.

The transportation vehicles are equipped with two-way radio communications so contact can be kept with medical personnel while en route to a destination. Some units have stretchers and wheelchair lifts.

Snow emphasized that medical services are not provided, only transportation. Wheelchair patients and those using oxygen can be transported but not those who require injections.

Drivers are certified EMTs or nurses, however.

Medicaid and other insurances cover much of the costs of the transportation, Snow said. The company can be reached by dialing 1-800-797-RIDE (7433).