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The International Olympic Committee adopted tough anti-doping regulations Monday that mandate a minimum two-year suspension for a first serious drug offense and a lifetime ban for a second violation.

The long-awaited IOC medical code is meant to bring all Olympic sports in line with uniform anti-drug rules, procedures and sanctions.It was seen as important to get the code in place well before the 1996 Atlanta Games to avoid possible lawsuits in the United States.

"We were advised to have this code ready two years before Atlanta," IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch said.

IOC executive director Francois Carrard called it a "global document which should set the rules for all sets of testing."

The penalty for use of steroids and other serious performance-enhancing drugs is a minimum two-year suspension, with a lifetime ban for a second offense.

The document provides a complete list of banned substances in all categories, including anabolic agents, stimulants, diurectics, beta-blockers, narcotics and techniques such as blood doping.