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After coming so far, Richey Reneberg didn't want his U.S. Open to end this way.

"Frustrated doesn't even begin to describe it," he said. "My whole career I've never done well in the Grand Slams. I felt I had a very good shot here to advance."Reneberg, a doubles specialist going solo, did indeed have a shot. Then his hamstring popped Monday night, and his U.S. Open was over. He was closing out a 6-3 first set against No. 9 Todd Martin in the round of 16 when the pain struck high in his left leg.

Todd Snyder, the ATP trainer, told him to quit if the pain was too much. Reneberg turned to the umpire and said, "I can't play." That sent Martin into the quarterfinals against Bernd Karbacher.

Reneberg had enjoyed an exceptional run. His big victory came on opening night when he knocked off No. 7 Boris Becker in five sets - one of the tournament's best matches. He followed with victories over Jordi Burillo and Richard Fromberg.

Reneberg, a right-hander, injured himself while landing on a serve and trying to change direction.