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A man accused of beating and trying to extort $1.5 million from a former Sandy mayor and his wife waived his preliminary hearing Tuesday and was ordered to stand trial in district court.

Dwain D. Griggs, 51, of Sandy, also entered not-guilty pleas to four first-degree felonies charging him with aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and two counts of aggravated kidnapping.He was ordered to appear before 3rd District Judge John Rokich on Sept. 19.

Griggs admitted breaking into Dewey and Joan Bluth's home, where he bound the couple's hands with duct tape and demanded $1.5 million, according to court documents.

During the July 14 incident, investigators say, Griggs repeatedly struck the 72-year-old man with a mallet and also hit his 62-year-old wife after she screamed for help from a bedroom balcony.

He is accused of putting a pillow case over Dewey Bluth's head and a piece of tape over Joan Bluth's eyes. Griggs told the couple he was going to take them somewhere in the trunk of a car and asked Dewey Bluth which car would be the best to take, according to the charges.

Sandy police arrested Griggs at the Bluths' home near 11160 South and 2400 East after neighbors heard Joan Bluth's shrieks. Police believe the Bluths were targeted because Dewey Bluth is founder and board member of Draper Bank.