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Gov. Bob Miller easily defeated five opponents in Nevada's Democratic primary, including Las Vegas Mayor Jan Jones who challenged the state's "good old boy" political system.

In the Republican primary Tuesday, anti-tax crusader Jim Gibbons beat Secretary of State Cheryl Lau, who in 1990 became the first Asian-American to win statewide elective office.Miller, a 63-28 percent winner over Jones, stressed his record as acting governor for two years and elected governor for four years.

Also among the Democratic candidates was a perennial candidate who legally changed his name to Rhinestone Cowboy; and political novice Sam Bull IV, who pledged to push for executions by hanging and a return to Nevada's no-speed-limit days.

On the Republican side, Lau criticized Gibbons for his vote as a state assemblyman for a big pension hike for lawmakers, and Gibbons stressed his tax control plans. Gibbons was a 50-33 percent winner over Lau.

In another key race, Republican senatorial hopeful Hal Furman defeated Charles Woods by a 50-26 percent margin after the two swapped carpetbagging charges.