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Juab County commissioners wrote a letter informing state officials the county is prepared to give up the district and circuit court system.

Commissioner Ike Lunt said he would be happy to have the courts continue as they are in Juab County if the state would meet the needs of the county. "They need to agree to 2.25 FTEs (full-time employees), otherwise we will petition the state to take it back," said Lunt.Joseph Bernini, County Commission chairman, said the present contract would soon be up and the commission and state have not been able to come to terms. "They promised us they would give us 2.25 FTEs last year," said Bernini.

Commissioner Gordon Young agreed. "They said that if we would sign the contract for less FTEs last year, they would make it right this year," said Young.

At present, the state pays the county a lease fee for the use of the county courtroom. The county clerk and two clerk's deputies serve as clerks for the court and keep the records and court calendar.

"They have allowed us 1.65 FTEs," said Pat Greenwood, county clerk/auditor. She said the county is using 2.15 FTEs already and is finding it difficult to keep up with the workload.

"We can't do the job for less than 2.25 FTEs," she said.

Commissioners also voted to petition the state to take over the court system immediately unless they meet commission demands.

"They say they can do it cheaper," said Lunt. "However, they will start with 2 FTEs. We don't want them to take over the courts, but we do not want to continue to subsidize the court system."