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The pond at Fairmont Park will be full of fish and the shore lined with kids Saturday, Sept. 10, for Going Fishing with Key Bank.

The event will be a mix of learning about, and then fishing for, fish. It is open to children ages 5-14 and is free.According to Byron Gunderson, chairman of the committee Go Fish Utah, 2,000 9- to 10-inch rainbow trout will be placed in the lake Saturday.

The children will first go through a Pathways to Fishing program offered through the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, where they will learn some of the basics of fishing, such as knots, different species and laws.

They will then move to the pond where they will be able to catch and keep up to two fish. They also will be given refreshments and the opportunity to win prizes. Equipment will be furnished and no license is needed.

Invitations are required and are based on one-hour time blocks. Invitations are available at six Key Bank locations: 130 W. 2100 South; 924 E. Fort Union Blvd.; 1435 W. 9000 South; 3081 S. State; 5101 S. State; and 1939 W. 4700 South.

Co-sponsors of the event include Smith's, Country Crisp, Coca-Cola, Domino's Pizza, Anglers' Inn, Gastronomy and Salt Lake City Parks and Recreation.