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Dr. Jack Kevorkian is suing to get back the California medical license he lost after helping five people kill themselves in his native Michigan.

In the federal suit, lawyer Lawrence Silver wrote that his client shouldn't have lost his license in California for something that wasn't illegal in his home state. Kevorkian is also suing in state court."The evil here is their attempt to export California laws to actions which occurred entirely in the state of Michigan," Silver wrote.

Kevorkian had had a California medical license since 1957, but it was suspended in June by the medical board's disciplinary panel, which cited him for unprofessional conduct.

Kevorkian has been present at the death of 20 people since 1990. A Michigan appeals court reinstated murder charges against him in two cases, but he won't be prosecuted while the state Supreme Court reviews the constitutionality of the state's ban on assisted suicide, which was passed to stop him.