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Several unfounded rebuttals have been printed since my letter (Forum, Aug. 19). In retrospect, I see that I should have included House Resolution numbers so that Joel Dickerson and the others who refuted my commentary on Rep. Bill Orton's voting record could save themselves the trouble of submitting fallacies for print.

I am a strict conservative and would never say anything against another conservative. Citizens of the 3rd District, please understand that Orton is not a conservative and does not represent us.Yes, I do work for Dixie Thompson. I have been volunteering at her campaign office for several months now. I currently receive no remuneration for my work. I volunteer for Dixie because she is the right candidate. I wrote the letter to the editor of my own volition. Dixie did not have a part in writing nor did she read it for "approval." I am offended at Joel Wright's assertion that working with Dixie for Congress somehow impugns my First Amendment rights.

Second, I would like to address myself to the several people who questioned the validity of my claim that Orton has voted pro-abortion. He has.

The National Right to Life organization does not report on every abortion-related vote. That would be too time-consuming. The fact that a bill isn't mentioned in their pamphlet does not mean it is nonexistent nor unimportant.

Case in point: House Bill S1 authorized $6.2 billion for the National Institute of Health and codified President Clinton's executive order lifting the ban on the use of aborted fetal tissue research. This is - plainly and simply - an anti-life bill. The NRL didn't call it a key vote, but it was big. Orton voted for it (May 25, 1993) and it passed.

HR5517 prohibited the use of federal funds for abortions (except to save the life of the woman) but placed no prohibition on the use of locally raised funds. Essentially a vote for this bill meant that one was voting to have the taxpayers help pay for abortions in the District of Columbia. Orton voted for this bill.

Orton consistently votes to let questionable bills out of committee in order to appease House leadership. True, he votes against the bills on the final vote in order to save face in Utah, but the damage is done.

I don't mean to paint Orton as "screaming liberal," but I do think we need to be more informed as to how conservative he really isn't. It's not good enough to vote pro-life most of the time, as Orton does. We need a true conservative to represent a conservative district.

Matt Asay